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At BECS, quality is our foremost concern. If you are seeking a contact manufacturer, sorry - that's not BECS! Our manufacturing facility is 100% dedicated to products designed in-house. Having control over the entire manufacturing process from start to finish allows us to guarantee the quality of our products. Our manufacturing plant is organized using Lean Manufacturing techniques, which assures an efficient and cost-competitive operation.

Our in-house Manufacturing Plant is organized into four departments:


Our automatic surface mount (SMT) line features

  • MPM automatic screen printer
  • 2 Panasonic MV2F (37,000 pph each)
  • Panasonic MPA3 (10,000 pph)
  • Heller 1700 reflow oven
  • Mantis Inspection Systems
  • Automatic PCB loader and conveyers



The SMT line is fully automatic – boards are carried by conveyor through the entire assembly process.  High-speed, automated Panasonic placement equipment is capable of placing 84,000 components per hour! The MPM screen printer and Panasonic placement devices utilize integral cameras and vision systems that verify fiducials of the PCB and orientation of components prior to placement. The 6-stage reflow oven, with upper and lower heating zones, assures an optimal solder connection.


The through-hole line features

  • Semi-automatic bend, cut and crimp equipment
  • Dual 4-station slide lines
  • Technical Devices wave solder
  • Post-wave assembly
  • Mantis Inspection Systems



The through-hole line completes the circuit board assembly process. Boards are wave soldered for high quality, reliable connections. Parts that must be soldered by hand are completed in the post-wave station. If required, conformal coating is applied using custom fixtures in a specially designed ventilated station.


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Completed circuit boards must pass through an exhaustive semi-automatic functional test. Trained technicians utilize custom test fixtures and software to verify proper circuit board operation and assure the quality of our products and process.



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The Final Assembly department is responsible for performing a variety of general and specialized assembly tasks.  Workcells are customized based upon the unique assembly requirements of each product family. Each workcell is stocked with the necessary inventory, tools, and work instructions to efficiently build products with a minimal amount of overhead.



In addition to a fully equipped prototyping machine shop, our production Machining department features two automatic CNC machining centers: One Haas and one Bridgeport. Programs developed in Engineering with 3-D CAD software are downloaded to the CNC machines for production, assuring accurate results for all machining operations.

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Our wire/cable assembly department can produce everything from simple wiring harnesses to complicated cable assemblies. Automated cutting/stripping equipment prepares multi-conductor cables for integration into larger assemblies.


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