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BECS has been designing and manufacturing the industry’s most reliable and innovative water chemistry controllers for more than 25 years.


In the 1980’s, our controllers were sold by Morr Control, based in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The SystemT and SystemT+ were some of the earliest microprocessor-based controllers to be developed and offered in the aquatics industry.


Since 1991, BECS has designed and manufactured thousands of aquatics controllers, including the System3, System4, System5, System5F, System6, and System7 controllers marketed by Stranco, Inc. under the Strantrol® name. (Strantrol® is a registered trademark of Stranco, Inc.; BECS is not affiliated with Stranco.)


In 2005, BECS introduced the BECSysTM line of water chemistry controllers, which includes the BECSys2, BECSys3, BECSys5, and BECSys7. While continuing the history of reliability commonly known within the industry, these new products offer a rich set of features that redefines the standard for water chemistry controllers.


There are now over 5,000 BECSys aquatics controllers installed in locations throughout the US, Canada, UK and worldwide. Visit our Showcase to see actual installations enjoying the benefits of the the most reliable aquatics controllers available today.


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