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BECS Technology is pleased to announce BECSys Now! - an App for Android smartphones and tablets, Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Here you will find User's Guide, FAQs, and a way to submit suggestions and request additional support.

BECSys Now! IOS User's Guide

BECSys Now! Android User's Guide

BECSys Now! is available for download free of charge on Google Play and the Apple App Store.


What does the padlock icon mean?
The padlock icon indicates a secure connection to the BECSys controller through EZConnect.

What BECSys controllers are supported by the BECSys Now! App?
BECSys5, BECSys7 and BECSysBW controllers with firmware v1.26 or higher. If you have an earlier firmware version, contact your BECSys distributor about upgrading to a newer version supported by BECSys Now!
BECSys3 controllers with the BECSysRCM data logging and communications module are also supported by the BECSys Now! App.

Will BECSys Now! run on my tablet device?

How much data is used by a controller refresh?
Each controller refresh uses about 1KB of data, which will count against your data plan.

How do I find my controller IP Address and Port?
Once configured on your LAN, you can find the controller's IP Address in the menus at
System Config > Communications > Ethernet Setup > IP Address.
The Port will be in that same Ethernet Setup menu under TCP Port.

I don't think my controller is on the LAN yet. How do I do that?
Initial network configuration will typically be done by your IT department. Please contact your BECSys distributor for details and support. You can request our Ethernet App Note to help your IT department.

How can I use BECSys Now! while I'm off site? It works great while I'm on site.

  • In order to monitor your controller while off site, your IT department will need to forward a port on the router/firewall to the controller.
  • Once complete, IT can provide you with the IP Address and Port that will provide off site access (this IP info will not work on site).
  • In the BECSys Now! App, in the Controller Status page for that controller, select Settings and then IP Address Settings. Enter this IP Address and Port under the Secondary IP Address (while you are off site).
  • You need to enter the Secondary IP Address while you are off site because BECSys Now! will verify this info before it accepts it and, as mentioned above, this IP info won't work on site.

My controller is in alarm, but BECSys Now! shows a blue check mark. Why?
BECSys Now! is not constantly connected to the controller (this would use a lot of data). Readings, Alarms and status are updated by performing a Refresh. You may perform a "Refresh All" from the Controllers screen to update the Readings, Alarms and status for all controllers in BECSys Now! Or you can refresh an individual controller's Readings or Alarms from within the Controller Status screen.

How can I be notified of controller alarms immediately?
The best way to get immediate notification of alarms is to utilize the BECSys controller's built-in email or text message alarm notifications. This can be configured on the controller in the menu at:
System Config > Communications > Call-Out Setup
Up to 8 recipients can receive alarm notifications. Contact your BECSys distributor for support. You can request our Advanced Alarm Notifications App Note to help you get this set up.

How does BECSys Now! identify a controller?
When you add a controller to BECSys Now! you will enter an IP Address. BECSys Now! will then connect to the controller at that IP Address and download certain information which will be used to identify the controller in the App:
  • Name
  • Location
  • System Type (e.g. BECSys5)
  • Serial Number
  • Firmware version 

How do the Name and Location fields get configured?
Name and Location are typically configured during system startup by your BECSys Technician. Contact your BECSys distributor if you would like the Name and Location changed.

Still have questions, comments or suggestions?
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